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IEPA Collections

The Ângelo da Costa Lima Natural History Museum was founded in the then Federal Territory of Amapá in 1976, with the aim of gathering specimens and information on flora and fauna across the territory in question. With the creation in 1988 of the state of Amapá, the museum become part of, along with other already existing research centers, a much larger institutional unit; the Institute for Scientific and Technological Research of the State of Amapá (IEPA). IEPA now has a herbarium with more than 16 thousand specimens and a total of six zoological collections, consisting of around 40 thousand pinned or mounted insects and, in wet medium, around 11 thousand crustacean specimens, 5 thousand fish specimens, 2000 herpetological specimens, 1000 bird specimens and 1100 mammals.

IEPA Zoological Collections

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