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MPEG Ichthyological Collection

Curator: Dr. Wolmar Benjamin Wosiacki


The MPEG ichthyological collection spans a large section of the Neotropical zone, most of all the Amazon Basin, which includes a selection of cartilaginous and bony fish type examples. The collection currently consists of about 10,000 batches, including individually preserved wet medium specimens, dry skeletons and individual bone and cartilage diaphonized specimens. The collection has recently increased due to extra material originating from the State of Amapá, Marajó Island, the River Purus, River Tapajós, Vila do Tabatinga (Juruti), Barcarena, Caxiuanã, among other locations, this collection having been totally revised and computerized. The collection includes Siluriforme and Gumnotiforme skeleton collections, greatly contributing to systematic and anatomic studies. The collection is stored in a room of 180 m2 on two floors, air-conditioned, taxonomically and alphabetically organized and distributed, laid out on metal shelves. The collection is growing by about 20% per year and consists of 6 holotypes and 73 paratypes in 10 different species. The material is intensely used for taxonomic revisions and academic papers, appearing in theses and dissertations produced through Post-Graduate Programs from different regions around Brazil. 

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