Current Size: 76%

MPEG Mammalogical Collection

Curator: Dr. Suely Aparecida Marques Aguiar

The collection totals approximately 36 thousand specimens, of which about 32 thousand of these (90%) have already been entered into databases, requiring further confirmation through the use of log books and further checking with existing specimens. The collection consists of an estimated 250 nominal species, with individual examples stored in alcohol (wet medium, 36m2) and in an air-conditioned 18°C room (mounted and non-mounted dry medium, 210 m2, containing taxidermy skins, skulls and postcranial skeletons). The wet medium flasks are organized across 35 sets of metallic bookshelves, while the taxidermy collection utilizes 102 wooden cabinets (all of these currently being used). The current annual growth rate is around 0.5%; one of the biggest Brazilian Amazon mammal collections in the world.

There are currently around 50 deposited specimen-types, of which 10 of these are holotypes, 38 paratypes and 2 lectotypes. Public users and contributors consist of MPEG’s own researchers, researchers from other national and international scientific institutions, representatives from governmental organizations, NGOs, and university and post-graduation students.

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