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General Coordinator of Component
Dra. Marlúcia Bonifácio Martins (MPEG)

One of the main objectives of the program is to create a research hub or network that can manage data for assessing richness and diversity at various different levels, as well as understanding the processes that can influence the distribution of species belonging to the various types of organisms within the Amazonian forest. Such a challenge is faced with the additional necessity of adopting a unified spatial design and a structured set of protocols in order to access the various taxonomic groups, combined with the attainment, at a compatible level, of fundamental data concerning the environments where species occur. The program has therefore established Regional Research Departments (RDs) within each of the Eastern Amazonian states, including associated research centers. These Regional Departments aggregate research groups for replicating the setup conditions of the research sites as well as the way in which specific protocols are applied within these sites, done so for inventory and monitoring purposes, in addition to organizing expeditions to remote and little known regions, utilizing the standardized protocols suitable for Rapid Ecological Assessment ( The program has also developed a database, SINBIO, for gathering and systemizing the data created within these collections and inventories. The program has also developed a database, SINBIO, for gathering and systemizing the data created within these collections and inventories. Information technology support is provided by the program’s Biogeoinformatics Department (BGID). Integration of Regional departments and their diffusion of research is supported by Communication and Diffusion Group (GCD) of the Eastern Amazonian PPBio.

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