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dadosbasicos.jpgThe PPBio utilizes two types of research protocols. Basic data protocols and biological research protocols.

In terms of the basic data protocols, sets of environmental variables are presented that must be measured in a standardized format. These protocols are minimum data recommendations and therefore do not exhaust the possibility of more extensive research being carried out at the research sites.

A PPBio biological research protocol consists of a set of simultaneously used techniques for accessing a predetermined group of organisms. The optimal use of time, materials, finances and human resources are observed throughout the preparation of these protocols. The protocols have been designed to run on all PPBio collection sites, researchers being directly involved in the qualification of technicians and the training of human resources specialized in the regional departments associated with the collection sites.

Medicao1.JPGAll protocols represent a well defined unit of sampling effort, as well as the estimated minimum effort per grid for carrying out a rapid inventory or study. This requires the full utilization of the site’s spatial design on a compatible level with the taxonomic group in question in order to facilitate future monitoring studies. The discussed groups represent a wide range of trophic, ecological and taxonomic diversity, including a set of different hierarchical levels, enabling a realistic approximation of regional Amazon biodiversity to be established. The taxonomic groups, set out as targets for each of the protocols in question, are those for which taxonomy study support is guaranteed by the local scientific community, given the existence of specialists and/or a network of specialists who are officially committed to identifying the collected materials within the program’s stipulated timeline. Other taxonomic groups may become pivotal, depending on the availability of taxonomic support.

Biological Protocols

Protocol 1 – Insects attracted by baits

Protocol 2 – Soil Invertebrates

Protocol 3 – Palm Insects

Protocol 4 – Predatory Insects

Protocol 5 – Hematophagous Insects

Protocol 6 – Aquatic Invertebrates

Protocol 7 – included in protocol 4

Protocol 8 – Fishes

Protocol 9 – Birds

Protocol 10 – Herpetofauna

Protocol 11 – Mammals

Protocol 12 – Fungi

Protocol 13 – Bryophytes

Protocol 14 – Herbs and Epiphytes

Protocol 15 – Vegetation Structure and Diversity

Protocol 16 – included in protocol 15

Basic data protocols

Protocol 17 – Topography and Cartography

Protocol 18 – Soils

Protocol 19 – Climate

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