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Entomological Museum of Embrapa Eastern Amazon

Curator: Dra. Márcia Motta Maués (e-mail:

In nearly six decades of existence, the Entomological Museum of Embrapa Eastern Amazon, accredited in CRIA as CPATU-Entomology, is a Reference Collection, comprising representatives of beneficial insects (pollinators and natural enemies) and harmful (phytophagous) associated with the major crops and timber tree species of Eastern Amazonia. A small part of the collection is organized in the traditional structure of entomological museums, with specimens of the main insect orders and its most representative families. It comprises a collection of about 40,000 specimens, mostly preserved desiccated (pinned insects) in conventional entomological cabinets and drawers, and a small part in liquid (alcohol), composed of immature insects, termites, ants and soil mesofauna. The Entomological Collection has strategic importance in supporting projects on insect-plant interactions in Eastern Amazonia, food security and environmental services offered by pollinators. It assists farmers, extension agents and federal agriculture inspectors in the identification of insects and pest control recommendations, as well as the academic sector (students, teachers, researchers, etc.). The collection is in process of informatization in order to enable its interoperability with the general public.



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