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Southern Amazonian Herbarium - UNEMAT

Curator: Regina Celia Soares

Established in March 2007 by professor Célia Regína Araújo Soares, utilizing the resources of the Research Support Foundation of Mato Grosso (FAPEMAT), the contents of the collection content come from the Cristalino River, the Teles Pires River basin, forest fragments, Alta Floresta municipal conservation units and from neighbouring municipalities, totalling more than 6,000 samples. There are approximately 2 thousand species - 70% of identifications having been confirmed by Kew specialists, with approximately 50% of the inventory already computerized. Facilities consist of a total of 2 greenhouses, 35 international standard herbarium cabinets, as well as collection and pressing equipment. Utilizing FINEP resources; a fruit and seed collection, xylotheque and DNA database linked to HERBAM will be installed, over a total area of 251 m2CONHEÇA O HERBAM

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